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41 BCS English Literature Preparation, Part-4

41 BCS English Literature Preparation needs to learn more many literature. For you, we make it easy to read.

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1. Another name of, “The Tragedy of Gorbodue”-Ferrex & porrex.
2. Character of Tempest- Calliban, Prospero, Arial.
3. A Ballad Stanza Generally contains- Four lines.
4. Winston Charchil got the Nobel- 1953.
5. Who is the father of English short story- Edgar Allan poe.
6. Andrea Del Sarto in Browning Dramatic Monologue was- A renowned painter.
7. The Epic odyssey was written by-Homer.
8. The latest literary ages in history is-The Georgian Age.
9. The Author of ‘Road to Freedom’- Bertrand Russel.
10. Who is a poet Laureate after wordsworth- Alfred Tennyson.
11. Vanity fair is a- Novel.
12. Matthew Arnold belongs to- Victorian Age.
13. Who is the Author of ‘A farwell to Arms’-Ernest Hemingway.
14. Who is the Author of ‘Animal Farm’- George Orwell.
15. Who said -‘A single step for man, a giant leaps for mankind’-Armstrong.
16. Who is the poet of the ‘Victorian Age’-Matthew Arnold.
17. Who is the Author of ‘India wins Freedom’- Abul Kalam.
18. Who is the Author of ‘ For whom the Bell Tolls’- Ernest Hemingway.
19. ‘When wisdom brings no profit, to be wise is to be suffer’- King Oedipus.
20. Who is the greatest modern English Dramatist- George bernard Shaw.
21. Music Sung or play at night below a person’s window-Serenade.
22. Caesar and Cleopatra is – A play of GB Shaw.
23. ‘Tom Jones’ by Henry fielding was first published in- The 1st half of 18th Century.
24. The Literary work ‘Kubla Khan’ is- a verse by Coleridge.
25. What was the real name of great American short story writer, ‘O Henry’-William Sidney Porter.
26. Claudius is the famous Character in- hamlet.
27. Gonerill is the famous character in -King Lear.
28. Who wrote ‘The old Bachelor’ & ‘Love for love’- William Congreve.
29. ‘A modest proposal’ is a famous work by- Jonathan swift
30. Who is known as poet of Supernaturalism-S.T. Coleridge
31. The first English Novel, ‘Pamela’ was writter by-Samuel Richardson
32. Romantic Poets are- John Keats, P.B Shelley & S.T. Coleridge
33. Who is not Romantic Poet- Jonathan Swift.
34. Who wrote ‘Troy Book’- John Lydgate.
35. What was the first great English Satire-piers Plowman
36. Who is not University wits- William Congreve
37. Who wrote ‘The Traveller & The Citizen of the World’-Oliver Goldsmith.
38. Who wrote ‘The False Alarms’ & preface to Shakespeare- Samuel Johnson.
39. who wrote the satircal poem ‘The Masquerade’- hennry Fielding.
40. My heart leaps up is a poem by- Wordsworth.
41. who wrote the poem ‘Child Harold’s pilgrimage’- Lord Byron.
42. Who wrote “The massacre at Paris”-Christopher Marlowe
43. Who is the famous for the theory of “Objective Co-Relative”-T. S. Eliot
44. Who translated the “Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam”-Edward Fitzgerald
45. What is a poem called whose first letters of each spell out a word- Acrostic
46. Who wrote the novel “Ulysses”-James Joyce
47. “Duncan” is the famous character in- Macbeth
48. Aldous Huxley was a poet, but was better known as what-Novelist
49. Who is a famous dramatic and also was a friend of Jonathan Swift-William Congreve
50. The Merchant of venice is a play about- A Jew.
51. From Which of the Shakespeare’s plays is this famous line: “Did my heart love till now?Forswear it, sight/for I never saw a true beauty untill this night”-Romeo & juliet.
52. who wrote the poem ” The white Peacock”- D. H. lawrence.
53. In “the Tragic history of Doctor Faustus”-Spanish Scholar.
54. The Georgian Period in English literature refers to-1914-1936.
55. “Ten Thousand saw I at a glance” is a figure of speech known as Hyperbole.
56. A lexicographer is a person who writes-Dictionaries.
57. “The falcon” is a comedy by- Alfred Tennyson.
58. The Statue of Ozymandias is-in a desert.
59. William Wordsworth is- a poet of nature.
60. G. B. shaw was a – Dramatist.
61. Who would be called the English Homer and father of English poetry-Jeofrey Chaucer
62. Helen of Troy was the wife of- Menelaus.
63. “Volpone” is written by- Ben Johnson
64. “England expects every man to do his duty”-Nelson.
65. What’s the Shakespeare 1st play-Henry VI
66. In Marlowe’s play, what was the name of the Jew of Malta- Barabas.
67. “The Birthday party is – an absurd drama.
68. Who is the Author od “The Caretaker”-Harold Pinter
69. Who is known as a poet of Sensuousness?-John Keats
70. Rensaissance means?-The revival of Learning
71. Who is the ‘University wits’-Christopher Marlowe
72. The Real name of Mark Twain was-Samuel Langhorne Clemens
73. Puritan Period belongs to-17 Century
74. Emile Dickinson is -an American poet
75. Who is the author of novel, ‘The Bluest Eye’-Tony Morrison
76. Cristabel is written by- S. T. Coleridge
77. Who says, ‘Reading Maketh a full name; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man’-francis Bacon
78. ‘Original romanticism’ is the character of- Elizabeth Age
79. Who wrote the poem, ‘The Sun Rising’-John Donne.
80. Who wrote the Heroic Epic, ‘The Rape of the Lock’-Alexander pope?
81. ‘The Battle of the books’ is written by-Jonathan Swift
82. ‘A short speech by a player at the end of a play’- An Epilogue
83. ‘To err is human, to forgive is divine’ is written by-Pope
84. The 1st English novel ‘Pamela’ is written by- Samuel Richardson
85. Which Philosopher had a particular influence on Coleridge?- Immanuel kant.
86. ‘The upright judge condemns crimes but he does not hate the ciminals.’ who said?-William Shakespeare
87. ‘Lycidas’ is an elergy written by- Milton
88. ‘Restoration period’ in English Literature refers to-1660
89. A long speech by one actor in a play or movie is called- Monologue
90. ‘The Alchemist’ is written by-Ben Jonson
91. Romantic poet- Charles lamb, J. Keats, W. Blake.
92. Which famous play does the quote, ‘When shall we three meet again/in thundar lightning or in rain’-Macbeth.
93. ‘Corruption wins not more than Honesty’ who said this-William Shakespeare
94. Which is magnum opus of Chaucer- The canterbury Tales.
95. Which of the following is the first novel of D.H Lawrence?-The white Peacock.
96. ‘The Secret Agent’ was written by?-Joseph Conrad
97. Who isknown as great master of verse?-John Milton
98. Romantic Age poet?- Lord Byron.
99. The Augustian Period in English literaturerefers to?- 1700-1745
100. Who wrote the novel, ‘Arcadia’-Sir Philip Sidney
101. Jane Austen’s Pride and prejudice is a- Domestic Novel.
102. Who wrote the Story, ‘The gift of the magi’- O’ henry

41 BCS English Literature Preparation

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