Bad times come in almost everyone’s life

Bad times come in almost everyone’s life. Sometimes due to fate, sometimes due to one’s own fault. In fact, at some point in life, people go through such a time. In this difficult time, some people break down, some people try to overcome it by keeping their morale strong. But having a bad time works a latent desire in most people. In the mind Bad times come in almost everyone’s life, in the expectation; Let his closest people stay in touch with him. Give him company, advice, comfort. Keep him in your bosom, keep him on all fours.
No one really gets close to anyone like that when they are in trouble. Very close people do not stand by. Spend a little bit of your time with the people who are thinking of you
Does not give. On the contrary, in some cases, these people slander, despise, and neglect. One leg, two legs slowly move away. Their shadows could not be found. But the man who did not come to the side, the man who has moved away has not been by his side day after day. How much he has been accompanied. He feels very close to his people Bad times come in almost everyone’s life. His slightest hardship was not tolerated. Tears would come to his eyes before tears came to his eyes. As soon as I heard any bad news from him, my chest would tremble terribly.
Bad times have come or will come in life. The path of life in the midst of light and darkness. Every human being is unique in this path. Here no one is anyone’s, no one is anyone’s partner, no one stands by anyone টাই this is the unpleasant truth. Although it shouldn’t be, it shouldn’t be. It was supposed to be a characteristic of man to stand by the side of another in difficult times, to give inspiration and courage. But people do not move in the light of that feature. Selfish people do not borrow from these. So one has to be one’s own guide. You have to turn around on your own. When you become dependent on others, mental misery occurs, the path ahead stops. A beautiful future is plunged into darkness.
Even if your house catches fire, you will get the help and sympathy of many. There will be many measures to rescue you. Neighbors will come running, pedestrians
People will come, fire service personnel will come. Everyone will try their best to save you, to save your life. There will be a staircase for the fire building for you, there will be an alternative staircase, there will be a staircase created by the fire service personnel. But in the hardships of personal and family life, in the mental hardships Bad times come in almost everyone’s life, in the hardships of losing someone, even if you are burnt to ashes, no one will come running. No one. You are your savior in those bad times, in those bad times. You have to save yourself. You can’t wait for your so-called people, you can’t depend on anyone. Not at all.

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