Best way to learn English online? How to learn English fast speaking?

English is an international language. in our next generation, it will be hard to live without knowing English. so it is a crying need duty to us to learn English language. believe this or not but it is reality. knowing this, you can communicate with any people over the world .you can read any book in English, if you know this language. we hope that this nation can’t go ahead future, which nation’s people can’t know English at future. so we just have to learn this language.
This group is for these people people who can practice this regularly.We have made this group for a great reason.This reason is that one day will come when everybody can speak and write English freely. Everybody can learn English by regular practice from here. As regular Practice makes a perfect man.

If you are weak at English, you can learn English easily from here.


  • You can learn English freely without any money paid but need your time.If you spend time here, you can learn English from here.
  • Don’t think about grammar. You need to learn language first , second needs to learn grammar. So language is first learning, grammar is second learning.
  • To learn this language first by mistaking, second you can learn grammar.
  • Don’t hear another talk.
  • There need four skill of learning English.
  • Writing,reading, lessening, speaking.
  • If you acquire first skill, you can do another whole skill..
  • First needs your writing.
  • If you write, you can do another skill.
  • This is a group where we value more to write here .
  • We all are writer here, we all are a reader here.
  • We all try to write and read another post.
  • Writing makes our creative thinking.
  • The Writing makes our vocabulary base.
  • Writing makes our speaking skills.

So try to understand how much essential writing is!
If you want to learn this, you must write more and more .try to follow the below suggestion regular.
1. Write five posts here regularly.
2. Read 20 posts regularly.
3. write 20 comments regularly.
4. give your leisure time here by writing.
5. share your class or examination study here by using your leisure time here.
6. don’t share any link here.
7. don’t post any naked picture.
8. don’t quarrel with another.
9. don’t correct another error, you must give chance another to do error. without making an error, you can’t acquire real experience. so mistake here. you can learn from your mistake. after writing much, you must learn this language. next you can write free from mistake.
10. Don’t neglect another post and try to respect all post and writers
11. Don’t forget, Regular practice makes perfect.

This is fully educational group. so write here any educational post, any educational story, any study, any good feelings, any experience.
Don’t write any posts about politics, gender, and religion. this post will cause many problems. so avoid it to write.

So practice more and more by writing regularly here.
Best of luck.
we are with you always, so never feel depression. we are similar .if you remove your shy and fear, you can learn English easily or you can acquire any knowledge steps.
so avoid this fear and shy.

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