Big Bang of Democracy Bangladesh, Bumper Democracy Bangladesh

Big Bang of Democracy The bumper yield of thieves, swindlers, fraudsters, brokers, bribe takers, liars, etc. in the country is a possible big reason for the faulty selection. If we call 1990 the Big Bang of Democracy, then this harvest has started. That has reached an unbearable level. Our election was never flawless. However, as the days go by, the level of error seems to be increasing exponentially. Making a flawed election requires the cooperation of people from different levels of administration. In doing so, the people of the administration have to be involved in various wrongdoings themselves or they have to cooperate with others to do wrongful deeds. Then after the re-election, to defend this election, starting from the party, the party cadres have to lie in various ways. These injustices and lies have an exchange value. Those in government also have to pay that exchange price. In this way, morality, honesty and decency are almost extinct in the society.
The more people who can lie now, the more they can cheat, the more they can cheat, the more they can default on bank loans, the more they can take bribes, the more they can occupy other people’s land. What a wonder we have built a society in which we can no longer do any work without fear Big Bang of Democracy. From buying vegetables in the market to buying a computer or any other product, you always have to be worried whether you are cheating or not. I am afraid of being deceived step by step.
It can be imagined that the teacher does not teach in the classroom or teaches less so that the students come to study outside the classroom in exchange for money. There he would read and test something so that those who did not read it would not be able to answer that question in the test. University teachers are either intoxicated with politics for the sake of their own interests, or they are intoxicated with the business of reducing money by doing something else. If the patient goes to the doctor, he will let you do unnecessary tests and will tell you which diagnostic center to take the test. Percentage will be taken from that diagnostic center Big Bang of Democracy. Not only this, they will also prescribe medicines from a specific pharmaceutical company and take advantage of that company. The less said about the engineers, the better. The lowest quality road in the world is in Bangladesh but the highest cost in the world is to build a kilometer of road. And the bureaucrats? You know that very well. How they are leading the country to destruction. There is no limit to their corruption. It has been reported that they are the ones who smuggled the most money and built Begampara and Second Home Big Bang of Democracy. Politicians are the architects of society. Today’s rotten society proves how they are.
Is there any hope?

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