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Content marketing is a very familiar term to those who are working with digital marketing. Content marketing is about engaging your customer with your brand by delivering important information about your product. In this case, audio, video, pictures, articles can be chosen as any medium to serve the content.
It has been around for centuries, but with the advancement of technology has come a significant change. A strong relationship develops between the buyer and the brand by getting the information he needs easily.

Earlier the use of advertising in marketing was very popular. But now the web world has taken the place of TV radio. The use of online adblocking software is also increasing day by day. There is no question of buying a product. Make the customer aware of his demand by analyzing his needs. Let him know what kind of product he is able to meet the demand. That is why it is important for content to be informative and quality. If the content is good, people’s interest in that brand will increase.

For example, Blendtech Company. Their Blender was very powerful. But when their business was facing losses, they presented themselves with different strategies to promote them. They started uploading a series of videos on YouTube called ‘Will It Blend?’. In this way they show that in their blender they are able to blend golf ball, marble, iphone anything. In this way the customer can understand about the quality of their blender. The customer has been able to judge for himself. As a result of this campaign, their sales have increased significantly.

Content marketing strategy

Content marketing strategy Although the technique of selling products through stories has been around for a long time content marketing strategy, it is still very popular today content marketing strategy. Stories are easily able to attract people’s attention. People can feel the story through their own emotions content marketing strategy. E-commerce company Flipkart K is seen using this important strategy of content marketing strategy. In the ‘Flipkart Stories’ section of their website, both buyers and sellers share their stories and experiences with the product content marketing strategy. This builds trust between buyers and sellers. In addition, the website has various blogs with various questions and answers about Flipkart, important instructions on shopping, all the information about their initiatives strategy. It makes the customer interested in buying their products.

Establishing a buyer-seller relationship is a matter of time. A marketing strategy is also quite time consuming. So in order to be successful, we have to patiently use our creative thinking to create quality content.

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