Dark marketing

Dark marketing is a type of online advertising that is visible only to the publisher of the ad and to those who are targeted.

In the case of dark marketing, marketer groups tend to send ads to different targets. Which increases the success rate of advertising campaigns. Dark marketing is usually exploited on online social media platforms.

But the question is how do they target specific people?
The answer is very straightforward. In a word, it has become possible due to the advancement of information technology.

In detail, this impossible has been made possible by the use of artificial intelligence and GPS technology. We are being monitored all the time. Our movements, behaviors, geographical location are being noticed. As a result, advertisements are being sent in front of our eyes easily by geotargeting, behavioral targeting, edge targeting and psychological targeting.

At this stage the question arises as to why they targeted us or why any particular person was targeted?

As a result of the increasing use of the Internet, we are constantly searching for different types of information, regardless of the need. It is recorded when we search. Later, when we enter social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, various companies or business organizations send advertisements of their products in front of our eyes. They also force some to see the ads.

Let’s make the matter clearer with a real example.

Suppose you do a Google search for the configuration of a mobile phone. After knowing the configuration of the phone, you left Google. Er: After a while, he entered Facebook. While scrolling through the newsfeed, in front of you, one after the other, different mobile phone ‌ company‌ advertisements are catching my eye. Because they have assumed that you are going to buy a phone very soon. They have targeted you and are showing you ads on the phone. This is basically the general process of dark marketing.

Dark marketing is benefiting us in some cases and harming us in others. Companies are constantly monitoring our movements, which is detrimental to our privacy. Again in some cases there is an unhealthy competition between the companies which is lowering the quality of their products and the consumers are being cheated in various ways.

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