Story — Dear Love You

Story:– Dear_Love_You
Part : 1
Writter : Rafael Rob

Mm: Please don’t cry. Crying doesn’t suit you and you are working and stealing and not doing it.

There were no tears in my eyes when I heard the girl’s words. I am looking at the girl in amazement. She is such a good girl. Then Mim said again.

Mim: This is not going to go there, Fuchka shop is going to eat Fuchka khai ,,,

Me: I don’t feel well today. Another day I will leave today.

Mim: Hey, I said without looking at your mind. Let’s eat phukka mind will be better.

Then Mim grabbed my hand and pulled me away. As much as I see Mim, I am amazed at how good the girl can do this. I was looking at Mim at a glance. Mim understood the matter and then said,

Mim: Hey, there is nothing to be surprised if I can hold the hand of a friend as a friend.

Me: Even after that, my sarileto is very dirty, don’t look now, your sari is dirty.

Mim: Hey, it doesn’t matter. Dhuilei will go away. And never talk to me about this again.

Me: Why are you angry? I don’t agree with you. You feel beautiful when you have a happy smile all the time.
And I’m telling you not to catch me. I say don’t hold me when I have dirt on my body. And hold on when I’m in a little better dress.

Mim: A friend can be caught in all situations and will not mix with you when you are in dirty clothes. I will be with you when you are in good clothes, then how I became your friend. I used to eat phuchka without talking so much.

Then the two of us went to Fuchka Wala. After leaving, Mim told Fuchka Wala ,,,,

Mim: Uncle used to blow the 2nd plate

Fuchka walah hey mim mamani yeh aajke many days later aole yeh ,,

Mim: Uncle, I’m a little better now, so I can’t come.

Fuchka Wala: Oh well, Mom, who is this with you?

Mim: Uncle, this is my friend.

Fuchka Wala: I have never seen a mother with you before.

Mim: Uncle, we have been friends for a few days now and he is a very good senior of my class.

After that, Fuchka Wala addressed me and said,

Fuchka Wala: Go, Baba Mim, the girl is a very good girl, a girl like her, now you can’t find a girl like her in any age.

Mim: Uncle is gone, needless to say. Neither you nor Uncle Man is much better.
And uncle gave Fuchka now.

Then I asked Mim ,,,

Me: Have you come here before?

Mim: I used to come with my girlfriends to eat phukka with my uncle.

Me: Oh well.

Now I understand that Mim already knows his uncle and Mim thinks that everyone uses this way, so uncle also praised Mim. Me and Mim talking to Uncle 2nd Plate Fuchka with the original to us. Then the two of us finished eating phuchka. When I went to pay after the meal, Mim said,

Mim: You don’t have to pay that, I will.

Me: You give me all the money now or I will give this money.

Mim: You need it now and you will pay all the money when you get a good job.

Me: Do I have the good fortune to get a job?

Mim: Why are you inferior to anyone? This is exactly what your talent looks like

I: Nothing happens with talent now except money.

Mim: It will happen to you one day. I want Allah to fix everything one day.

Me: So be it.

Then Mim gave this fluffy bill. Later I left Mim in front of her house and came to my house. When Mim was about to enter the house, he saw his father and mother sitting in the dining room.

Mim’s mother: Where did you go so seje guje today again in the evening?

Mim: Mom, I just went to the river for a walk.

Mim’s mother: So today I suddenly wanted to visit my mother.

Mim: Mom, it’s been a long time since I went anywhere So I went around a bit. I went with a new friend of mine.

Mim’s mother: So is your friend a boy or a girl?

Mim: Mother and son but the boy is much better

Mim’s mother: Well, mother, where is the boy’s house?

Mim: Mother and Amr are one class senior. And he has no home, he lives in a slum and he is an orphan.

Mim’s mother: Then what does he do at his own expense.

Mim: My mother drives a rickshaw and I drive it myself.

Mim’s mother: Then the boy spends a lot of money on writing.

Mmm: Hmm, Mom. Well, Mommy, you were looking for a teacher to dress me up.

Mim’s mother: Hmm.

Mim: I was saying that if mother leaves that boy to dress me, he is not a very good student.

Mim’s mother: Well, Oki can wear you.

Mim: Yes, mother and a very good student

Mim’s mother: Well, see if the boy agrees, then one day bring him to our house with you.

Mim: Hmm mother. My good mother, why are you so good, mother?

Mim’s mother: My daughter is so good and I have so much faith in my daughter that I am so good.

Then Mim’s father said,

Mim’s father: I don’t think there is anyone in this house, so I don’t feel the need to say anything to anyone.

Then Mim went and hugged his father and said with a smile,

Mim: Who said you are not the one in this house, you are the best father in the world.

Mim’s father: Hmmm, I don’t have to say that I can’t be angry when I see your smiling face.

Mim: Dad, I don’t like it if you don’t have a smile on your face.

Mim’s father: Well, after I’m fresh now, let’s all talk today, then Mim left to be fresh.

And this time I sat down to freshen up, finished reading, ate and fell asleep.

On the other hand, Mim fell asleep after talking to his parents

I got up during Fajr prayers and walked outside for a while. I didn’t go out with a rickshaw today because I don’t have to go out today with the money I have. Then I came home fresh and sat down to read with the book. Varsity is still too late. Then after some time I ate and went to varsity.

And in this direction, Mim, they have come to Tari Varsity today, they don’t even know why they have come,

But he doesn’t know why he is so happy today that he will go private with Arif. And he is also thinking in his mind that he will tell his parents to leave Arif in our house and not let him go to the slum.

I went to varsity and went down to that place. I went and saw Mim sitting alone and his friends chatting on the campus grounds.

I was a little surprised to see this. Why is Mim sitting alone here? What are you waiting for?
And if there is no one else sitting here except me, then I came in front of Mim thinking whether he is waiting for me or not. After that I asked Mim ,,,.

Me: Hey Mim, you are sitting here alone again today. Where are your friends?

Mim: Maybe they are on campus. So why are you so late today?

Me: Where do I come at this time every day?

Mim: Hmm, even after that he is coming a little late today.

Me: Hmm. Then I sat next to Mim. Then Mim said ,,,,,

     ,,, will continue ,,,

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