Dhaka University Facts? Why Dhaka University ranking so far?

Dhaka University Facts? Professor Arefin Siddiqui was personally a very friendly and easy going person. But I don’t know if it will ever be possible to compensate for the damage he has done to Dhaka University Dhaka University Facts?. During his time many departments were opened in Dhaka University without any judicial analysis.

During his reign of 8-9 years (I will say the reign because our VCs consider themselves kings) the number of divisions that have been opened has not been as many as three times before. Opening the department means recruiting more teachers and admitting more students. Thus, from 2002-2003, without any prior preparation, we introduced 5 years Honors + Masters from 4 years Honors + Masters and arranged for 25% students to stay on campus for an additional 1 year. This was done when Professor Fayez was VC. On top of that, by opening a new department and admitting more students in the old department, I have made the housing crisis of the students of Dhaka University indescribably critical. As a result, the number of public rooms in residential halls has increased.

Has the allocation increased in proportion to the growth of this huge body? Has student housing increased? Increased library facilities? Increased gymnasium facilities? It has not increased but has decreased Dhaka University Facts?. Speaking as the keynote speaker at the inaugural function marking the 100th anniversary of Dhaka University, Professor Rehman Sobhan said that if sustainable development of this country is to be achieved, educated citizens should be educated in quality education and Dhaka University should play a leading role in this regard. Why Dhaka University ranking so far? The Prime Minister herself has listened to his speech since the ceremony. Professor Rehman Sobhan said that just as the Prime Minister has taken a bold and groundbreaking step to finance the Padma Bridge, he has called for another bold and groundbreaking role for the development of Dhaka University. He said the allocation for Dhaka University should be increased by a minimum of 10 times.

Let’s see what the Prime Minister does?
Professor Arefin Siddique has done another damage to Dhaka University. That is, he has put 6 colleges of Dhaka on the shoulders of Dhaka University, the number of students of each of which is more or less close to the number of students of Dhaka University. Imagine a university that could not bear its own burden and left with such an unbearable burden. Why Dhaka University ranking so far? Thus, Dhaka University Facts? the teachers of this university were losing their education and Dhaka University Facts? research due to teaching evening courses in their own university or teaching part-time in a private university. Dhaka University Facts? On top of that now a huge number of teachers have to be busy with Dhaka University Facts? those 6 colleges. As a result, neither Dhaka College nor Dhaka University is benefiting.

Thus, the quality of education in Dhaka University is declining. On top of that, these unplanned expansions and burdens are putting an end to Dhaka University. It should be remembered that the development of the country is associated with the development of the quality of Dhaka University. The country cannot, cannot, cannot develop by keeping the standard of Dhaka University down.

Written by: Kamrul Hasan Mamun

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