Dominant group

Dominant group A community with strength, rights, and social standing is the classic sociological concept of a dominant group. A social group that controls the value system and rewards in a specific society is another related concept Dominant group. Sometimes, but not always, the dominant group is in the majority. If we believe for a moment that white Dominant group, heterosexual men are the dominant group in Western society Domi-nant group, they are not in the majority Domi-nant group. More than half of the population is represented by women. Approximately 75% of the population is not white if we extend into the world Dom-inant group, but I would say that whites are the majority race Dom-inant group.

I am a member of Biharis which is well known domi-nant group in Bangladesh. I choose one policy to understand the situation of the dominant group. I am listing what’s the main reasons that why I think so First, emphasize the elements of power, and Second, the conflict has handicapped the sociological study of majority-minority relationships. 3rd the model proposed in this paper starts with the premise that power relations are majority-minority relations, and 5th all power relations are inherent in conflict and struggle. We see the relationship between any majority and minority is seen as a competing, shifting relationship between two sides one with the power and the other having a fair share of that power and the benefits arising from the possession of power.

While I absolutely agree that “dom-ination” is a real phenomenon in our culture, the problem for me with this concept is that we have yet to really unpack the dynamics and the continued usage of the term does not actually help us advance to an inclusive world. The thinking of “us and them” or “have” and “have nots” is too simplistic and keeps us polarised. You’ve got control and I haven’t. I’m fortunate, and you don’t. It’s not so quick. In certain places and not in others, I might be fortunate. The other thing is that the domi-nant group also does not even acknowledge their power and privilege.

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