Don’t stop life in comparison

Don’t stop life in comparison.
In reality, nothing matches anyone. Allah has made each one differently. He has given each one a special feature.
He gave different happiness, gave sorrow, gave good and bad. The type of danger is also different.

So I don’t have anyone else, he did it, I have to do it too. He’s fine, why am I not there. Keep these ideas in mind and get rid of them. It is your loss to bring them out.

It is foolish to think once and for all about what you have, and to think that the goodness of others will keep you well.
Remember that you see the other as he shows you. Just as someone else will see you as much as you show.

So do not waste time looking at others. Take care of what you have. Give it time. How to make it a little better, how to make a little change.
One thing to always remember is that what you have is yours. Your specialty is there. No one can take it. Don’t stop life in comparison.
Don’t compete with others. Instead, compete with yourself. Take care of how to make tomorrow a little better from today.
What others don’t have, good or bad, is nothing but a waste of time.

Give yourself time, think about yourself, take care of yourself. You will see that you are also good. Are happy
You will no longer be jealous when you see others.
Rather be able to be satisfied with yourself.
Do not extinguish the bright lights in front by comparison. He illuminated his life with his own light. You will be the brightest star in your sky.

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