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Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence If it is emotional, it will not work! What? Did you get angry when you saw the writing? Although it looks light, this writing has a mysterious meaning.
There are two types of emotions. Mother-or-brother, brother-sister love for relatives, desire to help people or desire to stand by people or good behavior are examples of positive emotions.
And sudden anger, frustration, inability to control yourself are examples of negative emotions. The saying “If you are Emotional intelligence, don’t do it” is to stay away from such emotions.
Now the question is, why do we stay away from negative emotions?

  1. Things like getting angry suddenly destroy our peace of mind, mutual understanding and relationship. The effects of not being able to control yourself and your behavior are long-term.
  2. Negative emotions like fear create huge obstacles in moving forward in life. It can be fear in any work or fear centered on a person Emotional intelligence.
  3. Besides, annoyance or loneliness towards someone puts you under emotional stress. Even if it is not understood immediately, in the long run you may also face emotional trauma.
    For these reasons, you have to try to stay away from negative emotions. You have to practice a positive attitude and make it a habit to take any unexpected thing easily.
    You can also apply some tricks to keep negative emotions away and practice positive emotions. In that case, Rushdina Khan’s book Emotional Intelligence will be very effective.
    Good luck.
    May life be beautiful.

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