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Google Docs is a word processing program that can be used in web browsers. In other words, a word document can be created, edited, saved using Google Docs. Since the program is browser based, it does not need to be installed on the computer. Can be done. Anyone with a Google Account can use Google Docs.

Docs is an acronym for Document. Google’s word processing program, was launched on March 9, 2006. Like many other Google services, it can be used for free. Users of both Android and iOS operating systems can download and use the Google Docs app from the store.

For the convenience of the users, Google-Docs added features like autogram suggestion, spelling checker in 2019. One of the advantages of this program is that it can work up to 50 people in one document at a time! There is no problem even if multiple users work. It is always updated as it is based online. The comment icon comes when you select any part of the text written in it. Any comment or notes can be easily added to the text.

In addition to word processing work, it contains Sheet for presentation or spreadsheet work. Creating presentations, editing. Using Google Forms for survey work, it is easy to receive information, provide results, and keep track. These four

packages are available on GoogleDocs website. That’s also well known for all freelancer in the world to do coversation with client with their work improvement

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