How to prevent suicidal behaviour?

How to prevent suicidal behaviour? I am very hesitant, should I write or not? Because, the family is involved in this incident. How to prevent suicidal behaviour? Maybe the phone will come after writing; Why did I share such things in public. But I am writing for them; Those who are going to commit suicide or want to. ‘I am the only child of the parents.
I used to see from my childhood that my parents are not married. Which has affected my whole life. My father’s anger is more, problems with my mother or other worldly reasons that are my responsibility
To observe; He did not. I can’t say for sure if I’ve ever met him in a week since 1999. Whenever I get; The time is spent only in family complications. The financial inconsistency of the family, the burden of the debt imposed by the father;
My mother’s grief, the struggle to raise me alone and survive How to prevent suicidal behaviour? everything has consumed me every day, still. “” Loneliness, extreme loneliness, suicidal thoughts. At this time, instead of wrapping himself, he looked around
Someone or someone can be found. ”I got admitted in HSC Dhaka to get the love of my father. My father was more annoyed by that, I found a place in the hostel. Jathamani was admitted to the college, expatriate fupis used to send monthly expenses, I used to go through this.
Since I fell on his shoulders, my father would occasionally go with some money. He used to come to see me for 2 minutes. I also thought that it would be better to see my father at least once or twice a month than to visit him once a year.
Private tuition is quite expensive in Dhaka, so I used to study one subject in one month and another subject in the next month. Needless to say, the hostel environment. Despite such hardships, I got 4.6 in HSC. Golden in SSC, getting most of the scholarships as a child is for me
This result was difficult to accept. In the meantime, all my close friends got 5. Earlier I was admitted in medical coaching, but the result broke my heart. However, in the hope of a miracle, I took the test everywhere, buying admission test forms or going there is quite expensive. So only Chittagong, Dhaka, Jagannath,
Collection of Jahangirnagar, Medical and Dental forms. How to prevent suicidal behaviour? I went everywhere to take exams alone, except my parents. I was only on the merit list in Chittagong. All the rest is waiting. Medical waiting is history! I have given exams only in science everywhere. What do you think I picked up the form of ‘D’ unit of Dhaka University. After a week of preparation, I came to the merit list only in ‘D’.
What will actually happen? The doctor must be that. My mother came with her life savings, the money given to her by her aunt to get me admitted to the dental school. Because I was at the beginning of the waiting there, I could have been admitted to a private dental. I was filled with a lot of hope and despair. Close relatives have started whispering how a father who does not have money can dream of studying in private. I also took note of that. The cost of books, tuition and examination fees is so high that it is up to the expatriate aunty to give it to the mother
Unnecessary pressure will be put. I decided to get admitted in ‘D’ of Dhaka University. Wanted IR (International Relations), got journalism. My mother did not speak for a few days, in the meantime I canceled the admission to the dental. I told my mother that I would be coaching again. I will test again. This time I started varsity + medical coaching. What I did at that time was foolishness or intelligence. How to prevent suicidal behaviour? I started classes in mass communication and journalism and also took exams. History, philosophy for the student of science
Very difficult to read. So I didn’t like the department classes. I used to sit behind the class all the time in the first year and read the UCC guide, the result was only 3.25 in the first semester. Finally that Mahendrakshan came. Medical examination again, but waiting as usual. The same goes for dental.
Meanwhile, I can’t do anything for the department. One of my favorite teacher’s exams was a day or two after the medical exam, I forgot about various thoughts. I appeared twenty minutes before the end. The teacher scolded a lot, did not take the test, that is normal. I cried a lot. There was no profit. All the pressure
Came together. There was a famous mistake in college life. Towards the end of college I got involved in an unwanted one at the persuasion or deception of two of my friends; Which was eroding me more and more. The only fear was what would happen if I told him at home? I always thought I had read a lot, but if I knew about this complex subject in the family, I would stop reading. Thinking about it, I dragged the relationship until the first year. ‘We have no place in this world’. Society, religion, community or state will not accept their relationship. How to prevent suicidal behaviour? So death is the only way. Is there really no alternative? Medically not surviving or
Destroying the mother’s hopes without admission, not being able to take the exam in the department and the relationship created out of fear all became monotonous. In late September or October 2011 (I don’t remember the exact time) I fell asleep one night after taking a lot of drugs (I didn’t say the name for good reason). At that time I was living at number 425 of Shamsunnahar. I didn’t talk much with my roommates because I got up in a new room. I woke up in the morning and vomited 26 times, I was surprised to see that I was alive. I went to my friends in the old public room because my body looked so bad. I told them about it and they took me to Dhaka Medical College.
The doctor said, I am very lucky that I did not die. The medicine that I have survived for 15 hours, many do not live that long. I was on the hospital floor for three days. On the third day a friend of mine reported the matter at home; That’s not what I wanted. How to prevent suicidal behaviour? The doctors were joking, saying that I became a patient because I couldn’t be a doctor. I could not drink a drop of water for three days, saline would have been given. I came back after three days, my father came to see me when my mother was crying, she did not go to the hospital. There was a possibility of some damage to my liver due to taking that medicine, the doctors would do it

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