How to stop procrastination

How to stop procrastination I have been thinking of doing something for the last few days. But the work is not being done in any way. What a pain! Notebook at the end- How to stop procrastination

I sat down with a pen. Some ideas are coming to my head. How can this procrastination be overcome? I wrote them down in a notebook.

My ideas were-

  1. I will analyze the work I am doing. First I have to understand why I am doing the work, what goal I am doing and what is the effect of it in my life. For example: I am studying because I want to get a big job. One job can change my life How to stop procrastination.
  2. Will I notice how much the work I am procrastinating is consistent with my life and satisfaction?

Emotions involved?

Do I really want that in my heart?

Does that go with my values?

This big job answers all these questions positively. So I am studying to get a big job.

  1. I am sometimes surrounded by sadness and apathy. In that case, I will do whatever it takes to get rid of it.

For example, if I do exercise, sleep or hobby work, my mind will be better and I will start doing the work immediately How to stop procrastination.

  1. I will keep away unnecessary and distracting things. For example: mobile. And I will not put any other book in front of my eyes outside what I am reading.
  2. I will create an overall outline of the work or study that I will do. And I will make a list of what I will read in the next 3-4 hours.
  3. I will make a to-do list and divide this list into 3 tasks. The most important 3 tasks are first, then put the next 3 tasks like this. 6. I will work in promodomo technique. In this technique I will work continuously for 25 minutes, 5 minutes rest, then work for 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutes.

If I can finish any other work, I will reward myself with my favorite food chocolate.

  1. I will follow the Get the Things right method. In this method, it is forbidden to do another job without completing one task completely. This method increases attention.
  2. Don’t worry about being perfect in everything, because it creates extra stress How to stop procrastination. And by creating reluctance and fear in work.
  3. I will ask someone to keep an eye on me. This is a very effective method. Because a lot of the time I want to work

Don’t do it. In this case, if someone keeps an eye on my work, I have to do the work even if it is forced.

  1. I will forgive myself for the past. Because my past will make me sad and it is an obstacle to the creation of new energy.
  2. I will look at time management to avoid procrastination. I won’t do that again after a set time.
  3. I will think outside the box. If you have self-confidence, the work can be done much faster. So the mentality of winning everything.

To be created.

After working like this for 3 weeks, it was seen that I am no longer having problems with prostration. So I shared it with you. But you can also apply these in life. You will get positive results How to stop procrastination; I guarantee that. Good luck.

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