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I am proud of my father because feeling proud of my father proud of you dad

I am proud of my father because feeling proud of my father proud of you dad Talked on Saturday. Our HR department was interviewing the initial phase of MTO recruitment at Oak Lounge in Mehedibagh. Ranjit, Tasfia and Fatema, a smart member of People Management, made a short list after checking and sorting from 4,000 CVs. The candidates were interviewed that day. Tasfia asked me to stay in the lounge from 11 am to observe the selection process. I get there on time.

So the introduction episode of the selected ones was going on. They had to pitch on a different topic for each person.

I asked him, Johnny, what are you so proud of in life?
Surprising me, he replied – with my father!
My curiosity grows? I ask again, why?
-Sir,i am proud of my father because my father is a driver. My father did not have enough money to teach in a private university. Even then, i am proud of my father because by working inhumanely, working in 2 shifts, he has collected 50% of my tuition fee. I managed the rest of the money from tuition and university stipend. You tell me, sir, who else will I be proud of except my father? i am proud of my father because What should I be proud of?

In between I was moving some CVs. My eyes got stuck in someone’s CV. Johnny Sarkar, a graduate in Economics and Banking from one of the best private universities in the country, has an outstanding CGP average of 3.9 out of 4.00! Very proud result.

The rest of the story of talking to Johnny will be picked up for another day. I would rather tell the story of Mesharaf Hossain who did BBA from one of the best public universities in the country.

It was good to see Musharraf first. Wearing a complete suit-tie, she began to pitch in fashionable attire. I really liked his pitching. His presentation was excellent in fluent English.

I asked him, “Mosharraf, you are a very smart man, as you dress.” What does your father do?

-Sir, colorist! He said with bright eyes.

I was silent for a while. Maybe Musharraf said to make me normal feeling proud of my father, can I say something, sir?

-Yes, say yes.

-Sir, when I was leaving the house today, my father was asking where I was going. After I told him the address here, he said, Oh, White Oak Lounge! I did the color work of that lounge!

Believe me, Musharraf’s fair face turned colorful with pride while saying the words.

I asked her father’s name.
He said the name. I recognized him. I said, pay my respects to your father.

These two incidents have created a different kind of turmoil in my mind. In what incredible glory Johnny and Musharraf revealed the identity of their father! Since then, the matter is not going out of my head feeling proud of my father.

I mingled with many young people. I ask you the same questions. I see many of you take pride in your father’s money, expensive house and car, social status, political identity, caste.

It is natural for every child to be proud of their father. Fathers have many sacrifices to make children human. Do you know the way your father is raising you now?

That you are proud of your father’s wealth, have you ever asked your father, what is the source of his money?

Are you really proud of the wealth that your father is passing on to you through corruption, bribery, and extortion?

Just think! How proud are you of the education you are being taught with the money you have earned, the degree you are taking feeling proud of my father?

Think of Johnny, think of Mosharraf. As proud as they are of their father, can you honestly say with your hands on your chest like them – I am proud of my father!

No, not at all. Rather to be ashamed for proud of you dad.

I am a worker like Johnny and Musharraf’s father. Yes, maybe the main worker of the organization. Like them, I am proud of my father. I want my children to grow up to be truly proud of you dad. They can say with a sigh, my father is an honest man!

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