I want to grow up

I want to grow up. We all want to grow up. I want to see myself in a jealous place.
Many of us become successful.
We are established in many big places.
We have to get up and sit with people of big size.

Many of us come from many levels and make a place in society. Respect for honor.
It doesn’t matter who I come from.
It doesn’t matter what color the skin is.
Because these are not within your reach. I want to grow up. Then what to look for! Not so!
It depends on how polite you are, how kind you are, and where you have mastered your teaching.

I understood all this.
But beyond that, there is one more thing that comes to mind.
What did you say?
The sound. Yes. The voice you speak. Talking nicely is also an art.
You look so beautiful, mashallah, but when you open your mouth while talking, you come out with some mixed regional language or some distorted words. But then you couldn’t hold that place.
Again, no matter what you look like. When you stand in front of someone, say a few nice things. Your rent for that place will increase automatically.

In fact, we all say e. How many beautiful or say. In the midst of many gatherings, we see many people talking in pairs. But these do not look civilized at all.

A little polite behavior improves our way of life a lot I want to grow up.
If you try a little bit every day to move forward in life, the habit of speaking nicely is just beyond time.

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