Importance of public speaking

Importance of public speaking Now tell us about yourself in front of Mr. Shubh. (Applause). Everyone is clapping but it is twelve o’clock inside you Importance of public speaking. Now you have to speak in front of a lot of people. You must know that this is called public speaking.
Mr. He could not speak well. His time was over just to mumble. When he returned home, he thought, “I will learn public speaking anyway from today onwards!” He came to me in the afternoon.
To be proficient in public speaking, there are a few things to keep in mind and add if necessary. These are:

  1. Everyone is listening to me, don’t be afraid of me.
  2. I am the king of this stage. Everything will be as I said here. And the kings are not afraid.
  3. The audience does not know if I am ready. I will not say this to them but I will try to speak immediately.
  4. I will connect the viewer with me, I will use him, I will ask questions, it will make my job easier.
  5. My legs may tremble, my heartbeat may increase but I will not let anyone understand.
    Shubh shook his head, meaning he understood. He asked in return, “Well, I have trouble starting public speaking, I am confused about what to say.” What can be done?
    Oh well, listen to this Importance of public speaking.
    There are many nice ways to start a speech. And the first thirty seconds is very important. Because during this time the audience will decide whether he will listen to you the rest of the time. So you have to start as nicely as possible.
    What is that, curiosity in Shubhar’s eyes.
    Well listen, the most common beginning of all speeches is to start with your identity. In this case you can start with something else. Well, where is your village home?
    Well, suppose you get up on stage and ask, “Where do you say the sixty-domed mosque is located?”
    Everyone will say “Bagerhat”. Then you will say well, you know the sixty-domed mosque is actually a dome but only eighty-one. Do you know why I talked so much about Bagerhat? Because my home is Bagerhat.
    See, isn’t this starting fun more than a normal start?
    Again Importance of public speaking, you start with a funny thing. In this way, you know, 95 percent of the world’s people are afraid of public speaking – except me! I’m Mr. Good.
    Or, in this way, a man works hard, patiently and thoughtfully. He always dreams of becoming a good person. The man I was talking about is myself, good.
    In this way, if you can start with a question, fact or information or something interesting, everyone will pay attention to you.
    And in this case I can remember the ABCD method.
    What else can be done at the beginning of public speaking?
    Well, listen, if you can bring a vibe to everyone at the beginning, then your job will be much easier Importance of public speaking. In this case, you can start with a chorus / slogan that will inspire everyone.
    “We are all together
    I will wake up in an instant. “
    But one thing is for sure.
    How do I keep the audience engaged?
  • I will talk about that in the next episode. Until then, keep practicing like this Importance of public speaking.
    -Thank you friend
    -Good luck

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