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Industrial definition The industry can be understood as the application of diverse and advanced techniques for the manufacture of economic goods and services Industrial definition. He has always used instruments to get food and meet his needs Industrial definition. A pre-literate man used a digging stick, hoe or bow and arrow to get his everyday food. History and anthropology indicate that man has always been not only a tool user but also a tool builder, which is why man is also called homosapiens (intelligent man) and thus homo industrializes (industrial man).
Sociology-Science is known as Sociology or the Science of Culture, which deals with the behavior of individuals living in communities that have evolved over a period of time. Society itself is composed of the network of

Sociology is usually confined to the field of study of social structures or social systems such as the family or government, the village or factory, etc. Objectives are certainly valid, but no cogent justification for removing other social realities, such as the community or the social relationship itself, appears to exist.
From different points of view, any reality, particularly a complex reality like industry, can be studied, such as technological, physical, psychological, etc. But the sociological element or social dimension that expresses itself in the industry must be emphasized.

Definitions of Industrial Sociology
“Industrial Sociology is concerned with industry as a social system, including those factors (technical, economic, political) which affect the structure, the functions and the changes in that system.”- Smith J.H., Industrial Sociology, UNESCO Publication
“Industrial Sociology is a substantive area of general sociology which might more accurately be termed the sociology of work organizations or sociology of economy.”- D.C. Miller and W.H. Form, Industrial Sociology, New York
“Lupton has been more specific and advanced the study of the social system of the factory and of the influences external to the factory which affects that system.”- Ibid
“Industrial definition Sociologists center their interests upon the social organizations of the workplace, including the pattern of interaction among people who are responding to one another in terms of their roles in work organizations or whose behavior is being affected by those roles.”- Charles B. Spaulding
“Industrial Sociology is concerned with how the economic subsystem is related to other sub-systems, how the sub-system is structured in terms of particular work organization and roles and how persons fit into these roles.”- Parker S.R., Brown R.K. and others.

Scope of Industrial Sociology
All science has its own fields of study. It is impossible for someone to systematically research a science unless its limits are demarcated and specifically determined by scope. Unfortunately, with respect to the spectrum of industrial sociology, there is no consensus on the part of industrial sociologists. Observations from V. F. Calverton. Industrial definition Since sociology is science so fluid, it is difficult to establish exactly where its limits started and ended, where industrial sociology becomes social psychology and where social psychology becomes industrial sociology, or where economic theory becomes sociological doctrine or biological theory becomes something that cannot be determined by sociological theory.

Nature of Industrial Sociology
It is an economic activity that deals with the manufacture of raw materials and the production of goods in factories. Industry means hard work as well. That’s why it’s generally said that “To shine your personality enter into the industry.” The need for industrial sociology, its growth, and its strong base is the need for industrial sociology. Feel by the man on mankind’s journey to progress Industrial definition. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India, gave names to industries after India gained independence.

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