Marketing means selling a product or service through market analysis including promotion. One of the most important tasks in market analysis is to find the customer of the product or service. Before reaching the customer, TV, radio, newspaper, leaflet etc. In this age of modernization, there has been a change in the previous trend. Nowadays, products or services are also promoted through internet technology. Using digital media and digital technology, the promotion of products in this way is called digital it.
Although digital marketing has gained popularity over the last decade or so, its rise began when search engines began to use information to find information about something. Their sales will also increase. Search engine marketing is associated with mobile marketing, email, video marketing and digital marketing. With the rise in popularity of social media, it is also playing an important role in promoting the product. Due to the growth of online users, digital it is fast creating new customers.
There are three types of media used in digital it, paid, paid and paid. In paid media, you have to promote the product by promoting the it content for money. A post about your product going viral on social media or an article about a business being published in the news are all part of Arnold Media. Digital it or ‘martech’ is giving opportunities to the companies. At present, digital it is one of the most promising sectors. By 2020, the market size of digital marketing is around 360-360 billion US dollars. This market is constantly growing as it is timely and dynamic.

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