Maybe seeing pornographic girls crying and laughing during anul sex

Maybe seeing pornographic girls crying and laughing during anul sex, it might seem like ‘everything is in agreement’. The biological structure of girls never promotes to have painful physical intercourse in this way. The girl was on top of her for the first time, and her body was still in the developing phase. Boys and girls do not have a full body until the age of 20, the physical structure can not be completely strong.
What could have happened in this case, after the boy’s sexual arousal skyrocketed, he thought, ‘I see sex in porn all the way, masculinity is revealed only when a girl cries. So he wants to have anal sex with the girl. The human anus does not have elastic muscle like the vagina, so it does not stretch easily. Behind the anus Maybe seeing pornographic girls crying and laughing during anul sex is the extension of our spine. As well as the anus is not lubricated like the vagina. Therefore, due to the lack of elasticity and lubricant, forced intercourse with this road causes terrible pain and physical problems. Google it and you will get it. No girl can tolerate such a horrible painful process at first physical. Master Mind’s daughter died of vaginal and anal bleeding and hemorrhagic shock.

The cause of bleeding is rupture of the surrounding muscles due to excessive pressure, which can also be treated with treatment if taken quickly to the hospital. But even after bleeding, the boy continued to have sex and the muscles of the girl’s vagina and anus were torn and blood continued to flow. As the anal muscles are stiff, the effect of coercion is more on this part. At that stage, there is no energy left in his body to stop him (fear and bleeding). Hemorrhagic shock is when the body’s organs become inactive due to excessive bleeding from the body. The girl died because of this.

Do you think that when a person sees that he is in terrible pain, he may bleed, he will not stop, at least he will not ask to stop ?? And when the bleeding starts, especially when the pain starts in the most touching part of our body, it is not possible to create a big physical barrier. When girls have pain in the lower abdomen during the period, pain in the pelvic area makes the hands and feet numb. Many people stay in bed all day eating napa. Can’t move in pain Maybe seeing pornographic girls crying and laughing during anul sex.
Whether it is rape or sexual intercourse on the basis of mere consent, it can be understood only by applying a little common sense. Sex education is the study of human body structure and diseases. As a girl I know my own body. I have tried to understand and explain using common sense. I said it openly, because we get stuck in the same loop.

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