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Microsoft excel online In today’s world of automation almost all of us need to use Microsoft Excel. It is time to master the skills in Microsoft Excel as a basic skill without considering it as a special skill anymore.

Literally, the word excel means superiority. This spreadsheet program from Microsoft has proved the validity of naming by performing various tasks at the same time.
Microsoft Excel started its journey with the initial version in 1986, but the fifth version in 1993 topped the Lotus 1-2-3 program of the then Lotus software.

It is called a ‘spreadsheet analysis program’ because it can be analyzed by inserting various data into Excel’s window, which is divided into columns and row-based cells. Microsoft excel online is the first spreadsheet program to allow users to change the spreadsheet’s fonts, character attributes, cell colors, and other tools for presenting information via charts, histograms, and graphs. Hard work can be done easily.

All the simple and complex calculations of our daily life, salary bills, salary sheets, result sheets, income tax calculations or chart graphs or all the work of storing and managing these data can be done through Excel. Everyone should learn Microsoft excel online skills with patience. Excel is a very simple application, so you don’t need any special skills to learn it.

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