Narcolepsy, There are several reasons for falling asleep. Many of us will notice that we feel sleepy when we sit down to read Narcolepsy. Many times we sit down to write without reading to get this sleep. Because when we were children, our parents told us that if we fall asleep while reading Narcolepsy, we have to sit down to write. Whether we fall asleep or not, there are several reasons why we fall asleep. The reasons are-

  1. Physical exertion
  2. Heavy or oily foods
  3. Lack of interest
  4. Laziness of our brain cells while reading

In many cases, we can get rid of sleep through the practice of writing, but through some activities we can get rid of sleep or drowsiness.

  1. Sir Isaac Newton’s “Water Treatment”. In other words, if we fall asleep in our eyes, we wash our eyes, mouth, water, wash our hands and feet and fall asleep.
  2. If we fall while walking while reading, then sleep is lost
  3. Read aloud
  4. Take notes while reading.
  5. Sometimes you may feel sleepy while reading continuously, then take 15-20 minutes of sleep and start reading again Narcolepsy.

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