One girl has been forcibly married?

One girl has been forcibly married.
The girl is a well-known college student in Dhaka. Wealthy family. The girl’s parents married the girl to a police officer.
According to the SSC certificate, the girl is not 18 years old. For this, the parents have changed the age of the girl to 18!
After forcibly marrying, now the girl is saying- she doesn’t mean this marriage! He is not yet 18 years old. Her parents forced her to marry!
Finally, the police, the girl’s parents, human rights activists and the girl all came to the police station to settle the matter.
So, the girl was divorced that day!
Her son-in-law, meaning the police officer, has been questioned

  • Why did you marry this girl?
  • I didn’t know any of this. I have been told that the girl is 18 years old.
    The girl’s father has been asked
  • Why did you marry him?
    The girl’s father replied
  • The girl is beautiful to look at. People around are disturbed. There are many threats! Married for this.
    Meanwhile the girl said
  • I want to finish my studies. I want to stand on my own two feet. My father forcibly married me. I do not accept this marriage!
    Anyway, after the divorce, the girl’s parents said
  • We won’t take this girl home. He has sunk all our values!
    My writing is based on this comment from the girl’s parents.
    Do you know how many wrongs you have done?
  • The girl’s age has increased for marriage!
    -The girl married the girl because she is beautiful!
    Well, I agree – you can marry your daughter.
  • So, how did you get married out of the girl’s opinion?
    According to your calculations, if the girl is already 18 years old, then you have done a great injustice by marrying her without her consent! Do you understand that? For this, on the contrary, you should be in jail!
    Without that, you left the girl in police custody! The girl is in the victim center!
    Even after doing so many wrong things, your dignity is not going away. So, when did you get the value-respect?
    When the girl says in her mouth- she doesn’t mean this marriage. She wants to study. Wants to stand on his own two feet.
    You should have realized your mistake and taken the girl home with dignity. Do you think that if you don’t do that – the girl has ruined all your values ​​and respect!
    What kind of society is this?
    There is no problem in forcing a girl to marry. Even if you get married at a young age, there is no problem.
    When the girl raised her head and said – I do not accept this marriage. Then your honor is gone!
    Or did the police officer get his son-in-law and forget everything?
    And the son-in-law of that police officer?
    What a wonderful thing!
    You knew nothing!
    Well, I agree – the girl’s family did not tell you anything. But didn’t you know- the girl is in HSC?
    How old can a girl studying in HSC be? Everyone knows it!
    Or got a beautiful young wife and raised his eyebrows?
    If a police officer gets a son-in-law and marries his daughter against her will, the value and respect in this society does not go away.
    Even if he got a beautiful young wife and married a girl studying in Intermediate, he is not respected in this society.
    Respect goes away when the girl says- I don’t accept this marriage.

Written by: Aminul Islam

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