One unfinished love

One unfinished love. Today I will tell the incomplete love story of Aarti Nair, a soldier of Netaji’s Jhansi Rani Bahini and Lieutenant Nazir Ahmed One unfinished love.
About eight o’clock in the afternoon We are busy arranging tea. Some of the wounded soldiers who came in trucks have been laid to rest in a few small sheds. The huts are arranged around an empty field. All the houses face the field Netaji is examining patients one by one with his personal physician Major Menon and Colonel Chatterjee’s ADC Lieutenant Nazir, accompanied by a nurse. Changing bandages, giving medicine, giving dietary instructions Nazir is not helping him in these tasks, he is just standing next to Netaji like a bodyguard After the inspection, the three of them were crossing the middle yard when two enemy planes flew through the sky. Colonel Chatterjee shouted, Tech Shelter !! Planes !!
The nurse was far behind – she ran back to the hut on the other side. Major Menon was the first of the three. He ran aimlessly at our house. Netaji in the middle, he is also running – but the forty-eight-year-old man who has been walking all night, how much faster is it possible for him to run after the top boot? Lieutenant Nazir Ahmed was behind everyone in the team. Krishnasara deer like a light young soldier! In college he has been a three-time champion at the Hundred Yards, in the Army hockey team he was a formidable center forward! As long as it takes Netaji to cross this path, he can easily cross the whole field twice! But in front of my eyes I saw him walking with his big legs right next to Netaji. Netaji is running, but Nazir is walking. The bodyguard does not check beyond him One unfinished love. How many cruel moments!
The first plane of the enemy side came down a little. Netaji has lost his temper. Nazir looked up once and saw that his eyes were hidden in the palm of his hand. The plane crossed the yard with a machine gun. How many squalls fell on the ground ten, fifteen inches away from Netaji and Nazir. The dust flew in a straight line, Major Menon has arrived by then. Netaji is approximately three hundred feet away from our verandah. And Nazir, right next to Netaji’s ten steps, whenever we were about to take a deep breath, I saw the second plane come down with a dive. It flew like a hawk in a straight line. The sharp crackling sound of the machine gun came closer and closer to the sky. Just before that Netaji jumped up to our verandah. Nazir Parlona. His bloody body fell at the bottom of the stairs.
Netaji and Colonel Chatterjee ran away. He grabbed the body and took it. Nazir’s left limb is floating in blood. Like a bullet in his left knee, a lot of e. The incident happened right before my eyes. It was Nazir Ahmed who hit Netaji hard from behind during the bullet storm. Netaji also said this with clear eyes to see his wound, because of which a bullet did not touch Netaji. I stared at Nazir for a moment, looking at the words of my many private moments, the emotional moment when Lieutenant Nazir crossed the Burmese border into India for the first time with Colonel Chatterjee, Nazir’s first gift to me was a piece of soil in independent India. It floated One unfinished love. I don’t know how the day went, Major Menon and Colonel Chatterjee agreed that the wound could not be healed without a hospital, Netaji instructed him to go to the nearest hospital. Lieutenant Nazir regained consciousness in the afternoon. We are then taking him to Moulmein Hospital. Unbearable pain in his legs. I said in trouble? Nazir gritted his teeth and said yes. Is Netaji okay?
I said yes.
Nazir then said what cut off my leg!
—- No no! Your feet are fine, it will be fine!
Nazir smiled in the midst of infinite pain, saying – I did not say yesterday, Nazir may be crippled!
I couldn’t stand it anymore, I pressed her face tightly, kept her crying and said, you are allowed to speak, you will be fine if you see the doctor in the hospital, Nazir did not agree, his smile explained that he cannot be fucked. Major Menon’s words came to my ears a few hours ago, maybe the fan should be cut off from the knee on arrival at the hospital. In other words, if Nazir survives and the center forward of the hockey team will not survive.
E-Lieutenant Nazir Ahmed died at Moulmin Hospital One unfinished love, his leg was amputated during the operation, he was alive for two more days. At last he had knowledge but could not speak, looked at me, and tears flowed from his eyes, I would wipe away the tears with a handkerchief!
Nazir’s personal property was handed over to me by the hospital authorities. After the country became independent, I sent parcels, watches, pens, etc. to Nazir’s mother’s address, leaving me with only two souvenirs. A small note book crammed in Urdu. I buried him under a flowering Gulmohar tree in the southeast corner of Moulmin Hospital. I couldn’t put the book of poems inside, I thought he would be happy if I brought it. That book forced me to learn Urdu. Today I am teaching Urdu in the school here. That book of Nazir not only gave me life, it also gave me a livelihood. There is one more memento One unfinished love. One day I grabbed his wound with the handkerchief! A handkerchief was my resource. One day I wiped the tears of the death traveler with that blood-stained handkerchief.
Twenty-five years have passed since then. Mango today

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