Our lives are not as simple

Our lives are not as simple as the A-plus B hole square formula. Again, not as complex as the nuclear chain reaction. But no matter what life is like, we all want to chain success in the suitcase of life. And to catch this happiness called success, someone runs at leopard speed Some people increase their legs at the speed of a snail. Many people move like a leopard at first but then it gets lost. Again, the opposite happens in many cases. Some people stop running in the middle again. They forget that,
Loser quit when they become tired,
Our lives are not as simple, But winners quit when they win.
However, the hope of being the first in this case makes people so violent that they forget about friendship, sincerity, benevolence. Intoxicated by victory, they become self-centered.
So, go to the competition, but don’t be vindictive. Fight to make yourself big, but don’t fight to make someone small. Enjoy your life, but don’t enjoy anyone’s last resort.
There is sorrow-happiness-crying-laughter in life. If there is no sorrow, then it is not life-circus. Again, even if there is no laughter, it is not life-prison.
God has created you and you are in charge to make your life beautiful. Life is a gift from God to us. It’s your duty to make life meaningful, valuable and colorful.
So arrange your life in such a way that you connect the stars of success in every step of life in such a way that others try to be “you”. Be an ideal in the eyes of others Our lives are not as simple. Believe in yourself and move forward in your own strength.

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