Prayers? Prayers for healing? Healing prayers

Prayers My friend and I are on our way home after prayers Friend, I want to tell you something
I- yes friend sure ,,
Friend- but I’m getting a little less courage to say that !!!
I- Hey, tell me, no problem, I’m your friend, isn’t it ??
Friend- Dude I want to marry the one I love !!!
I – Hey, why are you saying this, friend ,,, say this way that I want to marry the person I commit adultery with !!!
Friend- Naujubillah why are you saying this brother ???????
I – it’s not fair to say your naujubilla! Prayers Can you deny that you have sex with him every minute of every second ??
Friends, believe me, we both pray and we don’t like to meet without just talking on the phone
I-When you talk on the phone, you don’t have Gina on your face ??
When you see his favorite pics in the gallery, your eyes are not adulterated ??
Friend- Yes, I mean, hey I mean ….!
Why are you doing this Healing prayers? I know you can’t deny it Healing prayers Prayers because God has given you enough knowledge about it Healing prayers, so why can’t I say that you want to marry the person Healing you are living with all the time Healing prayers ???
And I also know that you are coming to decide from me that you want to marry her, so what?
Friend- yes you are right
I- now you think I can marry the one with whom Gina Karis ???
Friend- chh chh I have become so low ,,,
I’m in trouble dude ??
Dude, you opened my eyes, I didn’t realize I was blind for so long.
I – I know I’m in trouble, but there’s nothing I can do.
Friend- no I have to come back I have to come back !!
Prayers for healing I will keep that in mind. You have to come back before the day is over Prayers for healing. If the day is over then there will be no chance to come back Prayers for healing!!
Goodbye Assalamu Alaikum has come to your house Prayers
Friend- Walaikumus Salam
Dear readers, if your life is hidden in my story, I welcome you to come back
And yes, I remember that I have to come back before the end of the day

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