Questions to ask before marriage

Questions to ask before marriage Women generally prefer romance. Likes naughty-jokes. Nakhra-nyaka is their nature. They love the clear expression of love. You will never be stingy in revealing these things to your wife alone. Talk to her more and more about love Questions to ask before marriage. If you are stingy about all this, then after a while you will see an invisible curtain hanging between you and him. Then day by day the dryness about each other will start to come. Love will find a way to escape through the window.
Women don’t like men who are harsh-rude-rude-bad-tempered-rude. If you have something like that in you, get rid of it now. Because they like polite, polite, generous men. You are there to win her love, to reassure her, but the qualities are that women do not like men who are harsh-rude-rude-bad-tempered-rough. If you have something like that in you, get rid of it now. Because they like polite, polite, generous men Questions to ask before marriage. You acquire the qualities to earn his love, but also to reassure him.
Remember this very well, you want your wife to look as clean, beautiful, tidy, tidy, elegant, fragrant as your wife wants you to be. So be careful that you do not neglect to meet his needs under any circumstances.
The house is the kingdom of women. A woman always likes to see herself sitting on the throne of that kingdom. He thinks about this state in his imagination, in his dreams, in his reality Questions to ask before marriage. Decorates, composes. Be very careful. Never break this happy kingdom of your wife. Don’t even try to remove him from the throne. Do you know what is most disliked by Allah?

  • Share something with him.
  • Yes, you’re right. What is the most disgusting thing to a king?
  • Interfering with someone else in his kingdom.
    Women want to get her husband with all their heart and soul. But he doesn’t want to lose his father’s house as well. Be careful, father! Even if you forget, don’t start measuring yourself and your wife’s family on the same scale. Don’t sit around claiming this injustice. Either choose me or your parents. Don’t even think about it. If you force him to do so, he may be forced to accept. But somewhere in the depths of his mind, a mute dumb cry will continue to die. A kind of latent disrespect towards you will awaken in his tender mind.
    You know, you’ve heard and read a lot about women being created from the curved bones of the arm (or forearm) Questions to ask before marriage. This curvature is but her fault, not beauty. Did you notice the eyebrows? Where is the beauty of it?
  • In curvature
  • That’s right. Curvature makes eyebrows beautiful. If the eyebrows were straight, it would not look beautiful. If your wife makes a mistake, don’t get upset and attack Regimege. Don’t try to straighten him out when he’s excited, or he’ll break under the pressure. And broken means divorce!
    Again, if he keeps on making mistakes, don’t leave him unrestrained without saying anything for fear of breaking. Then the curvature will increase further. It will be wrapped inside itself. Your behavior will become arrogant. I will not listen to your words.
  • What do I do then?
  • Will be in the middle position.
    Didn’t you read that hadith?
  • Which one?
  • That is, women are created in such a way that they are ungrateful to their husbands. He forgets all the good deeds done to him in the past. If you treat him nicely from age to age, all of a sudden you have behaved a little rudely one day Questions to ask before marriage, he will immediately turn tears into tears – I have never found anything good in you.
    Look boy! Don’t be angry with his behavior. Do not be disgusted with him in response to his agile nature. Even if you dislike this nature of his, you will find in him many things that you can not only like, but you can also fight.
    Women’s state of mind is not always the same. They have a certain amount of physical weakness every month. Often there is also emotional instability. Considering their weakness and helplessness, Allah has forgiven their prayers for a certain period of time Questions to ask before marriage. He postponed fasting until his health and mood improved. You too will be kind to your wife in her weak moments.
    Always remember, your wife is very responsible to you. Depends on you in many ways. Poor your beautiful behavior. You will take care of him. Will pay more attention to him. Take him as your own Questions to ask before marriage. Then he will be the best asset for you. Find him as a unique companion. “

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