Society of money

The present society is a society of money. You have money, you have respect. When people see you, they greet you. Wants you a job. Society goes by your words. You can have a relationship with 8-10 girls if you want. Can you have fun with them, isn’t it eternal?

Nowadays, even if people are prostitutes, even if they are not millionaires, they go up and down with respectable people of the present area. Keeps in touch with them. Today’s leaders go to the mosque at night with prostitutes and shake their heads just like Fajr. You don’t understand when you see this ripe bearded man with so many flaws inside. The reality is, money is hot, people forget their self-esteem. What was he? He forgets what happened. The world is not permanent, just a test, it should not be forgotten.

With a little bit of money, you also turn around, you will see that your pocket is hot, your mind is hot, your mind is hot, you are in need, you are in need of a prostitute. You have seen their relationship with money. Maybe you think, my father also has money, where my father is not like that. I didn’t tell your father specifically. However, 95% of the leaders of the present society are based on the leader Jenna. Now the society has made the work of adultery so easy, as if it doesn’t matter.

Nowadays boys and girls reach sexual maturity at the age of 12-15. When a boy and a girl have a strong desire to see each other’s genitals, then this society has given a lot of opportunities to make love, more and more huge discounts for making love freely. On the one hand they have no job, no money, the society is not saying that she is worthy of marriage and on the other hand they are giving her a golden opportunity to commit adultery. Such a society is enough to destroy the youth society.

In this society, those who do not have money have nothing. No right to live. Still have to survive. We have to change the society in this hope but we have to survive. It is possible to live only with such an honest purpose. And that is possible only by you.

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