The Great Wall of China is getting lost

The Great Wall of China is getting lost day by day. At present 30 percent of this wall is lost. This wall of UNESCO and world heritage is being destroyed for the hostile natural environment and people. The Great Wall in China is not that huge. It has been divided into different parts in different places. This wall extends from the Gobi Desert to Jiaguan. On the east coast is the Great Wall of China in Shanghai.

The main reason for the destruction of the Great Wall in China is that the wall is being destroyed for building houses with bricks. Construction of the Great Wall began in the 3rd century BC. Between 138 and 1844, the Ming Dynasty built the wall at a length of 6,300 km. There are parts of the wall to the north of Beijing, the capital of China. Most tourists visit Beijing.

According to a report in the Beijing Times, the 1972-kilometer wall has been destroyed in the last few centuries. The Great Wall of China Society surveyed the condition of the wall last year. According to the survey, trees are growing on the wall and the Great Wall of China is being destroyed carelessly. Dong Yaohui, vice-president of the society, said many of the walls were made of bricks and stones, leaving many of the pillars shaky. And over the years, some parts of the wall have been destroyed by storms.

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