The ultimate kind of alone

The ultimate kind of alone, The important thing I realized from a very young age was that I had to be the ultimate lonely. To do anything real, I have to be like me, perfect. The real art is that which is the main thing to be in the mind of an artist. It doesn’t matter if you like Van Gogh or not. It doesn’t matter if you saw Tarkovsky or not. An artist will do what he enjoys doing.

The artist who finds this true joy cannot be returned in any way. He meets Asim. He may be caught, but not touched. It may be touched again, but it will not be caught.

The thing that I’ve seen from a very young age is that most people are less interested in those who come up with something new. Because, most of these people are unable to take anything new The ultimate kind of alone. They could never go beyond their habits. And if those who come up with something new get enough pleasure from doing something new, then not only the majority, but if everyone doesn’t see, hear or understand them, it doesn’t matter.

Because, the joy that an artist has, the peace for which he connects himself with the whole world, that peace is within his creation The ultimate kind of alone. Nowhere else. No one has seen Van Gogh, like Ganga, no one has read Jibanananda. How many people see the stocker?

That’s why Van Gogh never stopped. Rather, he was always meditating in the same way behind his own pleasure. That is the work of a real artist. Many such examples can be given.

People did not understand the message that Kabir Sumon wanted to give. Most people here are just people. I heard Kabir Sumon’s song ‘I know you will come’ much later. After listening to this song, I am more alone in this world of seven hundred crores. The world can’t take the weight of this song.
After watching Kiarostami’s ‘Taste of Cherry’ – the breath of peace that I was breathing freely – I will never forget. Never The ultimate kind of alone. How could Kiarostami think that? I will keep thinking about it for the rest of my life. I get exactly the same thing when I see Jadorovsky, when I see Bergman, when I see Bella.

Again this same thing goes when I go deeper into the image of Cloud Monet. When sitting with Picasso. When I go deep into Van Gogh. I remember one of Frida’s words, “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.” Then just keep quiet ..

Remembering Seed Barrett, I can’t count how many nights I cried. How much Cohen has accompanied me will never end. Listening to Clapton’s songs, I spent the whole day in the same way, there were so many days. I said no to Gilmore. In Goan Ring, Birch Book, Matt Elliott has also been a great companion to me, giving like Cohen.

My journey through all this what I learned from it The ultimate kind of alone is that everyone is completely different and everyone is like themselves. Just like that, Yates was. Like Emily Dickinson, Frost, Neruda ..

This is where I will name Dylan. Because, Dylan is a poet first. Dylan asked me, “How thin are the ears but can you hear the cries?” – No one has ever asked me such a question. When I first heard Dylan’s song ‘Hard Raines Gana Fall’, I was looking for a way like Kabir Sumon. I couldn’t find the way. Such a song in the world, one might think, I never knew. Dylan changed me completely.

Those who are drowning in the sewers up to the throat – when will they fall into Nietzsche? When will they listen to Sumon’s song? When will they sit with Vinci? That said, where there are new ones, there aren’t most people. And it doesn’t matter. Even if no one saw the stock, it was, is, will be the wealth of the world.

Tarkovsky once said, “Let everyone understand me, this is not very important to me. It’s not that everyone understands me, it’s more important to me. ” That’s great! Tarkovsky seems to have shaped me The ultimate kind of alone. He is one and the same man who grew up in the shadow of God.

I write poetry. Because, I want to make my wounds and voids more intense and perfect. This time this request is completely mine. Then after writing a poem, the peace that I get, no one else is giving it to me, it will never be able to give it. The peace that I get from listening to Gilmore’s ‘Then I Close My Eyes’ has never been given to me by anyone close to me.

This time, who read my poem, who said what, is as meaningless and unimportant as explaining meaningless poetry. Poetry is not explained. Poetry is the interpretation of poetry.

To me a lonely man seems as strong as a weak thinker with money. Such a weak is a popular man with a sense of ugliness. What is ugly is easy to become popular. What is beautiful The ultimate kind of alone, its weight cannot be taken by people with very ordinary taste, that is normal.

He who wants to be like himself will not be like anyone else. He must learn from everyone. But he will never be like anyone. That is power.

What is being supported today, most people are accepting as entertainment, all this will never last. All this is equivalent to the mourning life of a neighbor after death. Tarkovsky’s “Nostalgia” is a movie that will last until the end of the world. Because ‘nostalgia’ is deep. Not easy.

Nothing simple, cheap, weak lasts long. Now whose practice is going on too. Just like people think, he will take all the money from his bank account to the grave after death The ultimate kind of alone. Occupying another’s land will take all his things to his grave.

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