Uncertain life Solution

Can I see tomorrow morning at all?

Can’t get the job again?

I will pass the last semester?

Can I play today’s match?

Every step has a big question mark.
Between birth and death we find a lot of time and again before anyone sees everything we write the name in the book of history.

Every day is a big potential for us with a lot of uncertainty. How you look is up to you.
It doesn’t matter how much time you get in life. The big question is whether you can use as much time as you have. Whether you can enjoy it is the real thing.

You can’t do anything if you look at the uncertainty. If you know what will happen, don’t worry. This is your loss. Every day new opportunities.

If you try, you can overcome many uncertainties. The Creator sees your will and effort. You 7 He will help you if you help yourself.

Even after losing again and again, the desire to get people wins by showing thumbs up to uncertainty. The loss of life also teaches us a lot. Makes us a lot tougher. He learns to accept defeat and dreams of winning anew.

Don’t miss the opportunity to use uncertainty as an excuse. We want to get because there is uncertainty. If we knew everything in advance, then where would be the selfishness of life!

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