Urgent and necessary

Urgent and necessary, I want to be a lot in life. We dream of many things every day. But can I hold on !! How many can hold the money in their hands !!
I will do this, no matter how many of us have our desires suppressed today or tomorrow.
In fact, our patience is very low. We dream overnight and change. We have to cherish the desire, the dream that we have to cherish within ourselves. That is what we cannot do.
Or some of us are so dreamy that we have so many dreams. Pushing out the crowd of dreams, the dream is gone.

And no matter how much you say, you will lose the dream. But life will not give you a chance again and again. And even if the opportunity is missed, no one will come and take it in hand.

If you confuse these two things, the necessities of life and the urgent ones, your desires will merge in your mind.
Learn to prioritize the urgency of life. Don’t leave urgent things to be done. Learn to value time. Even if I leave it to be done later, the dream also tells you to stay today and I will catch it sometime later.

And the necessities? Don’t keep it in your mind if you think it is necessary. How many thoughts we have every day. It needs to be done, it needs to be done. But as soon as the thought is over, how can the needs be merged in the mind.

Set aside some time for yourself in the midst of all the busyness of the day. Maybe you deserve a little time to think about yourself.
Prioritize your needs in this time of your own. If you can turn the needs into little by little Urgent and necessary.
And if not, for a while you will feel very empty. You will also see a lot of things in the vicinity and you will miss one of your own.
Don’t deprive yourself of your inner life anymore.
Understand the urgency and necessity of life and share the tasks with time. You will see that the dreams hidden inside your mind will also come in front of you and catch you.

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