What does google think about me

What does google think about me? Did you know that Google knows all your information? Like many other things, what you search for What does google think about me, what you like and what website you visit is not unknown to him.
Goo-gle is the most popular search engine in the world.
“When you use Google’s services, you trust us with your information.”
The tech giant has made this clear in the first line of its privacy policy.
But you may not know that there is a chance to delete any information stored in “My Activity”.
How to do it is described in a few simple steps.

  1. Deleting My Activity:
    Every time you do a Goo-gle search, they associate it with your account. Searching with a Gmail inbox or filling out a form, they keep track of all your steps.
    They collect all this information on a site called “My Activity” What does goo-gle think about me where you need to go.
    Link to My Activity:
    You can use search to delete specific pages or topics of your choice, or delete all or specific topics at any time.
    Goo-gle will send you a warning about what could happen as a result.
    But in reality, deleting your search and website browsing history will not be a problem. Not even the functionality of your Goo-gle Account and app.
  2. Deleting all YouTube activities:
    Goo-gle also keeps track of what you search and see on YouTube.
    But it can also be easily deleted. First, click on “History” in the left-hand menu. Then click “Clear All Search History” and “Clear Watch History”, or you can select and delete specific searches or views.
    Link to go to YouTube search history from My Activity
  3. How to delete what advertisers know about you:
    Not only does Goo-gle know all about you, they share this information with advertisers. That’s why you often see ads associated with your search history.
    But don’t worry – you can find out what’s going on with advertisers.
    Now you have to go to the “Ads Settings” (Ads Settings) option. Click there and then click “Manage Ads & Settings”.
    Then you will have an option called “Ads Personalization”. If you disable it, you will no longer see ads based on the information you have with Goo-gle What does google think about me.
    However, there is no option to watch any advertisement.
    Goo-gle will give you a warning that you will not see any ads related to your choice. But this decision is up to you.
  4. Delete your location details:
    If you use an Android device, Goo-gle makes a list of where you went by phone or tablet with a timeline function.
    You need to go to this page to delete this information from Google Maps.
    You can delete location details by visiting this page
    You can delete complete history, a particular day or time information by turning off location tracking What does google think about me.
    However, you can never delete a specific destination or journey information by clicking on “Waste Basket”.

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