Why aren’t experienced freelancers encouraged to help newcomers?

Why aren’t experienced freelancers encouraged to help newcomers?

  1. If you only knew the biography of a successful freelancer, you would have given everyone the title of ‘Legend’. Believe me they have failed a hundred times. He did not speak to anyone. Spent night after night just to do skill development. But when a younger brother comes to him and pleads, ‘Brother, please show me a way to make an easy income.’ The older brother is embarrassed and blushing. The older brother knows very well that there is no shortcut to long term income. Your older brother will cover your body with some kind of understanding.
  2. Every successful freelancer has succeeded in his own interest. It doesn’t matter to him whether he has computer, English skills, internet or not. Self-interest is such a big deal that without it you can’t be an online professional in life even if you stick computer glue in your body. When you are in financial trouble, the expert will go to an older brother just to earn lucky money, then your elder brother will easily understand that you have no desire to learn here. Just the puzzle of money income. He will not want to help you in this case.
  3. Every online freelancer is very busy. Ahamri does not have any time in their hands. The pictures you see of them on Facebook are the pictures of them going for leisure in their leisure time. Maybe as a newbie you might think, Ish! Katta freedom in online work. No, it’s not that straightforward at all. He may have returned home and uploaded the picture. We don’t want anyone to think that. However, when you ask an older brother for help, he may not be able to help you, because his client is waiting for his project delivery. In that case, you can call him a thinker. But you will understand its paradigm only when one day you become an expert freelancer. You may not have thought of that, but you may have hurt him or abused him in a text message. Diameter, his mind was broken. 10 more newcomers with you were deprived of his help.
  4. When an older brother gave us some tips, everyone stumbled and started massaging him. If a busy person replies to 50 messages every day, when will he work? It is foolish to ask for help personally. So expecting a reply from him with a massage may not always be fair. Because the elder brother knows very well that if he gets 20 percent clue of the flame, he will find out the remaining 80 percent by himself. And the person who can’t find the remaining 80 percent is basically not qualified to earn money online.
  5. Conventional jobs and freelancing are not the same thing. In a conventional job, whether you work in the office or not, you get paid at the end of the month. And the income of freelancers is on work. If they do not work, they have no income. If someone does an hourly job and his work rate is ২০ 20 an hour, then if he gives someone an hour, then his ২০ 20 means a loss of about 1500 rupees. Would you like to lose this money to a stranger? Moreover, another difference between freelancers and conventional employees is that conventional employees are free after office hours. Then they can do whatever they want. Can chat on Facebook or chat with someone. But the duty of freelancers is 24 hours. So it is foolish to expect freelancers to be free in your free time.
    . Maybe a lot of big brothers want to help but what to do when they see that some of our brothers are just spamming like heroes, posting videos with bad stories on YouTube? Goes straight to silence. Because at least 20-25% of the people in our country are in the business of earning income just by copying, pasting or spamming.
    . We want to know a helpful minded person who really wants to help newcomers by repeatedly texting, ‘Brother, how are you? / Brother, what do you do? / Assalamualaikum brother / Hi, hello / brother, everyone in the house is good? / Brother, is your body good? / Brother, how is your day going? / Brother, give me your phone number? / Brother, where is your house? / Brother, can you help me? / Brother, can I be a freelancer? ‘ Ah! What a formality. But do you know the truth? All of these things are very annoying to online professionals. Why aren’t experienced freelancers encouraged to help newcomers? Wouldn’t a busy person be bothered to give this type of message over and over again? You can tell your problem to a big brother by sending a straight message. There is no need for so much formality.
    . In many cases, the way we ask for help is like, ‘Brother, I want to make money online, please help me. You don’t have to type this word and do a Google search, you will get the answer. Do you think your older brother will tell you everything in detail? Or teach you by hand? No freelancer has so much time. Ask specific questions. When your older brother realizes that you have done a lot of research and is stuck somewhere, you will get a good reply. Hardworking freshers love to help everyone.
  6. ‘Brother, please give me your phone number?’ I find this question very annoying. Where there is no time to eat, no time to take a bath, how can it be humane to talk to someone on the phone? You can’t be a freelancer by talking about problems on the phone.

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