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Wordpress? Wordpress logs In the current digital age, to get any information, we go to the relevant website. Website refers to the aggregation of web pages, images, audio, video and other digital information stored on a web server accessible through a domain. And now 35% of all the websites in the world are made with WordPress. According to a survey by Netcraft, it stands at 455 million.

More than 20 percent of users of self-hosted websites are currently using Word-Press. Word-Press is a special software based on PHP and MySQL through which websites can be easily created. Word-Press initially had a free blogging platform, which later built an engine and allowed it to be downloaded and used for free. With WordPress, it is possible to create a website without knowing any kind of PHP, MySQL and other programming languages. Word-press? Wordpress logs Simply put, Word-Press is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) website that displays images, text, all information, all content. As a content management system, any information can be easily changed, augmented, added or subtracted. Matt Mullenweg first published WordPress on May 26, 2003. Over time, the demand for WordPress has grown exponentially.

As of December 2011, Word-Press 3.0 version has been downloaded more than 75 billion times. The latest version of Word-Press, Word-Press 5.3, has been downloaded more than seven million times. This version can be written in 52 languages, including Bengali. People in more than 120 languages ​​use Word-Press. Word-Press provides two types of services for free. 1. Hosted WordPress ( 2. Self-hosted Word-Press ( free subdomain, certain Word-Press themes, about 2 Hosting facilities like GB are available. The address of the open website or blog is in www. #### Word-press? Wordp-ress logs. format.

Paid domains and hosting are required to create a website on The address of the website created in this way is www. #####. com format. Word-press? Word-press logs is very popular as a free software all over the world. Website is currently a very effective medium for any brand or promotion. Most web developers use Word-Press to create websites that are SEO friendly.

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