You are the Best

You are the Best, Never stand in front of a mirror and look for your flaws. Stand in front of the mirror and find out your favorite places. What do you like? Some of your things fascinate you. You fall in love with some of your beauties at least once. He loves himself.
Never underestimate your own flaws. There are many people in the world who are too busy to find your flaws. Let them think about it.

Be the best you can be all the time. Impress yourself by making yourself a little more beautiful. You try to have your hands there, You are the Best.

You are short, you are not dry, you are black, you are so-and-so, you let so-and-so tell others. You will always think that you are the best.

You cannot change what God has given you. Look at what you can change, always try to change that.

A person is a combination of good and evil. Don’t pay attention to those who just think it is a principle sentence. Learn to obey. Learn to apply in life.
Just as you can take your own good, as much as you like to hear the praise of others, create the mentality of accepting even if you say something bad.

You are human, You were not sent self-sufficient. That is real. The firm truth.

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