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Youtube has a report conducted in 2019 has revealed that every minute more than 500 hours of video content is being uploaded over YouTube. Video content has a vast market opportunity. Before going to a physical store, almost 50 per cent of internet users go through the product-related product. Around 60% of decision-makers of different companies prefer to watch videos related to product or service than read about it in text form. People can remember 70 per cent of videos they went through and accustomed to sharing video content 1200 percent more compared with text or images. Viewers watch more than 5 billion YouTube videos.

Each video uploaded cannot move with the pace of popularity at the same rate. There are certain things that need to be taken into consideration apart from thinking content as king and videos as the crown jewel.

❖ Your title should be SEO friendly: An SEO friendly title includes highly searched keywords arranged into a title that fits under the search engine’s character limit. Before it cuts them off with an ellipsis, Google truncates titles to 70 characters. This is a recent improvement from Google’s for that we are thankful previous character count of 55 to 60 characters but now to extend past the character limit you have even less of an excuse for your titles.

❖ Your video should not lack a transcript: Transcribing video is a search-friendly option since google can read metadata, not the visual content. YouTube and ones offer their own transcripts. Speakers’ name, meaningful sound and music should be included in the transcript. Dragon, Dictation and ones, characterized by automatic speech recognition software, can be used for transcribing video on the website.

❖ Learn your customer: Knowing your customer is essential. As a youtuber, it’s your responsibility to know the demographic characteristics your audience do pose. Suppose, you have decided to invest time on making gaming videos. Definitely, your aim should be to reach gaming enthusiasts.

❖ Push for Subscriptions: If the particular person is already in your subscribers list, he will be able to enjoy your newly uploaded video at the beginning. So, it’s a wise decision to ask viewers to subscribe in every video. Again, your engagement process should be continued with your existing subscribers. Paying for subscribers would shoot down your engagement and ruin the legitimacy of your account when all is said and done.

❖ Your title should be short and interesting: Hopefully you don’t want to inform all of your audiences about the whole of the video by providing a video title. Your video title should not necessarily do that. It should be viewer-centric, attractive, and brief.

❖ Post early and often: Be a regular guy in posting videos. You should maintain that regularity for a minimum of one month. Furthermore, upgraded headlines and feature images should boost up the process manifold. At the end of the day it will increase your view time and subscribers. ]

❖ Post attractive Thumbnails: An expert YouTuber does not consider it as a small thing as a thumbnail possesses a big impact. Through using the sidebar of the thumbnail, YouTube advertises other videos. Snappy thumbnail leads to higher rank as it ensures more click through rate (CTR). While making a thumbnail, you should work on some focus areas like large text, arrows, highlighted areas, unusual images.

❖ Use cards, end screens, and watermarks: You should treat cards and end screens as your opportunities as both of them lead a viewer to your other videos and that ultimately encourages them to watch more. Again, watermarks provides an opportunity to promote your channel.
Cards act as pop-up that seems during the video itself. At the end of the video End screen appears. The presence of the watermark is obvious all the time of the whole video at the bottom right corner.
❖ Experiment with YouTube ads: One undertaken way to grab more YouTube views is paying for them. YouTube ads lay bare your video to the audience who not otherwise enjoy it. More interestingly, there is an option to make sure you are reaching the right audience. The good news is your payment would not be futile rather it can also increase organic reach as well. Right after Facebook, YouTube has scored second position in terms of U.S digital video ad spend. It is learnt that people who are watching YouTube True View ad to completion, are 23 times more potential in the sector of visiting or subscribing to a brand channel, watching and sharing more of the brand. Again, before applying those strategies making sure that your content is blessed with the right thing.

❖ Other Social Channels are sources of your YouTube Videos: Cross promoting content on different channels is one of the worth mentioning beneficial things about social media. With a view to increasing your audience, you can easily promote your created youtube videos on other social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Just post the video directly on other social media. You can also think of your blog.

❖ Start each video with an attractive hook: when the question is how to hook, the answer is you and your content. It can be in any form. You may show the end result first. You may start with a story. An impressive result makes people more interested to see the whole video. It is especially applicable for makeover video or DIY. Suppose, your target is showing how to draw monalisa in five minutes. At the beginning you can show the image of Monalisa and then you can start showing.

❖ Ask your audience the content they are interested in: If you just ask your audience about the video content they want to enjoy, for example for the next episode, an amazing thing will happen. They will find the essence of customization here. They will think that you are reading their mind. This process increases the customer loyalty base upon which you would move on. Besides, it would direct you to find new conceptions.

❖ Use a playlist to keep people watching: A conducted statistics set by YouTube shows that pioneer channels on YouTube promote and build two hundred percent more playlist compared with brands who are staying at the bottom line and this number is nominal for them. These renowned channels know the power of auto play. You may not be willing to watch another video by clicking play but at the same time you may not stop watching by clicking stop. But before expecting so, make sure that the content is great. If the content is great, the viewers will keep watching. How to create a YouTube playlist? There are some simple steps to follow. At the very beginning you have to navigate the first video you prefer to include in the playlist. Then click add to. After that, you can choose either an existing playlist or create a new playlist(in that case name it.) Then work on the playlist’s privacy setting. Keep it public . Finally click create.

❖ Get knowledge from YouTube analytics: Testing, tracking and making adjustments are the strategies in the way of obtaining success in marketing effort. YouTube analytics will let you know the performance of each video, the intensity of your viewers’ engagement, your audience’s demographic. Fortunately YouTube Analytics would tell you a lot regarding your audience regarding their like, dislike, what kind of content you should focus on for being successful.

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